Residential Nightmare on Wheeler Street

47 Wheeler Street, the site of the proposed property development.

47 Wheeler Street, the site of the proposed property development.

A proposal for residential housing on Ormond’s Wheeler Street has divided Glen Eira councilors and local residents.

The proposed Wheeler Street housing development has been met with council approval but has also prompted outrage from most local residents, on the basis of over-development of the street and increased traffic problems.

Currently, at 47 Wheeler Street, there is a single-story house, which recently became unoccupied after its former owner passed away.

Some Glen Eira residents are opposed to the demolishment of the house, with 13 individuals lodging objections against the proposed development.

Residents argue that a new housing development will add to the already overdeveloped street and will result in further traffic congestion.

“The property development would impact negatively upon the amount of traffic in the street, which is already an issue as it is”, Wheeler Street resident Rose Stewart said.

However, the proposed three-story housing development has support from Glen Eira council representatives because of its ideal location, as it is close to shops and public transportation.

“(The property) is ideal for increased development”, councillor Neil Pilling said at last month’s local council meeting.

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Slideshow of the proposed property development on Wheeler Street.

Local resident Rose Stewart disagreed with councilor Pilling.

Rose Stewart believed that the proposed housing is of an excessive height (9.6 metres) and will have a negative effect on the character of the neighbourhood.

“The development would be uncharacteristic for the street, because the street is made up of mainly two story houses and flats,” Ms Stewart said.

Local councillor Karina Okotel supports Rose Stewart’s view.

Cr Okotel argued that the housing proposal doesn’t meet council policy standards.

“It will be a sorry day, when we don’t apply our own policies,” said Cr Okotel.

However, despite the height issue, the proposed development is situated in part upon a laneway, one side of which is out of direct view from Wheeler Street.

Local councillor Jim Magee supports the property development, solely because of where the nearby laneway is situated.

“(The laneway) ultimately saves the property, despite the fact that it is encroachingly residential” Cr Jim Magee said.

The fate of the Wheeler Street development was debated over by Glen Eira council, at the end of last month.

After much debate, the chairperson announced that the property development proposal was successful, based on council vote.

The development’s approval occurred despite the division of voting councillors.

Five councillors voted for the development and three voted against it.

The Wheeler Street development will soon be underway, in spite of protest from local residents and a minority of Glen Eira councillors.

Map of housing developments, reviewed by the Glen Eira local council.


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