Drouin in the slow lane

Pedestrians and cyclists in Drouin will be safer after the Baw Baw Shire reduces the CBD speed limit to 40kmph in the next six weeks.

The $15,000 project, funded from the council’s Traffic Improvement Works budget, follows last year’s review into pedestrian safety in the town.

Mayor Debbie Brown said several requests from the public and prior community consultation showed the need to reduce speed limits.

“During the consultation, more than 73 per cent of submissions were in favour of lowering the speed limits in and around Drouin’s shopping precinct to the proposed 40kmph”, Cr Brown said.

Cr Brown said she believed lower speed limits in high pedestrian activity centres would prove useful in reducing the risks to pedestrians and cyclists when navigating high volume traffic.

“The increased traffic through the town in recent years has made it difficult for pedestrians and cyclists to negotiate the traffic and safely cross the roads”, Cr Brown said.

“It is anticipated the changes to the speed limits in this area will improve conditions for pedestrians and cyclists crossing roads in the CBD, as well as improving the general road safety for all users.”

Princes Way between Francis Avenue to Bank Place will be slowed, as well as Young Street between Hope Street to Bank Place, Bank Place and Hope Street.

The new limit will also apply to all laneways and side streets in Drouin’s CBD.

“With an average of 15,000 cars travelling across Princes Way between the Bank Place and Main South Road intersections each day, reducing the speed limits in the CBD is the first tangible step to making the town centre safer for our community”, Cr Brown said.

The council worked with VicRoads on the speed limit changes.


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