Missing toddler and her dog found in Crossover


Toddler’s pet Australian Terrier Poppy

After a seven hour search south east of Melbourne, a missing toddler has been found.

The two year old girl from Crossover was found 400 metres away from her home at 2:15 with her pet dog, who kept her warm throughout the night.

The girl wandered away from her Bloomfield Road family home at about 7:30 on Tuesday, wearing a t-shirt and nappy.

The police air wing, search and rescue and the dog squad all joined local officers in their search.

“Police (had) been searching the rural property, however (they had) concerns that the child may have gone down a path leading to the nearby road way,” a police spokesperson said.

Motorists were asked to slow down and look out for the missing toddler.

“They (were) urging motorists travelling through the area to slow down as a precaution and if anyone sights the pair to immediately contact triple zero (000).”

Crossover’s missing two year old girl is now safe and well.

Many volunteers and members of the public were thanked for their assistance.


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