Beyond the Valley briefing to take place following event opposition


Beyond The Valley Music Festival held at Lardner Park

Baw Baw Shire council will hold a community briefing about community satisfaction with the Beyond The Valley Music Festival.

Residents will present at the briefing and council will announce survey results.

Over 14,000 people attended the three day musical festival held over the New Year at Lardner Park.

However, the event was met with a mixed response from residents.

On November the 11th, a petition was posed to council to prevent the festival from going ahead.

The petition signed by 141 residents details concern about noise, traffic and the potential for an “undesirable element being attracted to the area.”

Some residents with properties within a couple of kilometres of Lardner Park say they weren’t advised of the festival and had concerns about noises and people trespassing.

Despite vocal dissatisfaction from some residents, a counter-petition was made on Change.Org supporting the festival, which was also posed to council.

Organisers of the Beyond The Music Festival say they partook in months of discussion with authorities including Victoria Police, Vic Roads, Ambulance Victoria and the Country Fire Authority many discussions with authorities, before completing a Place Of Public Entertainment Permit.

Baw Baw Shire’s briefing about the success of the festival will commence at 4.00pm on Wednesday 24 February 2016, at the Civic Place Council Chambers in Warragul.

Everyone from the community is welcome to attend.


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