Transport Minister meeting with Gippsland councils ignites need for ongoing discussion

A meeting between Gippsland council representatives and Minister for Transport, Jacinita Allen, has sparked the need for ongoing discussion about the seemingly neverending V-Line crisis.

Over the weekend, representatives from councils across Gippsland region gathered to voice their concerns.

Wellington Shire Mayor Darren McCubbin spoke on behalf of the Gippsland local government about issues the region was facing with the disruption of dozens of services every day.

“I must say the meeting was a good one, the Minister was certainly sympathetic to our needs”, Cr McCubbin said.

“We’re going to be having regular meetings with (her), which she is happy to do.”

The Gippsland line has been plagued with mass cancelations because of boom gate and wheel problems for weeks.

Cr McCubbin said despite the need for further lobbying, the immediate priority was for services to return to normal.

“Until there is a solution, we’re going to be putting pressure on the government to make these improvements”, he said.

“The government has committed to a pathway of improvement they have accelerated the maintainence schedule, which we expect to come online early April.”

Cr McCubbin hopes that the end of the crisis is in sight.

“We’d like to get the most important services as a priority and the Government has committed to that and they’ll come online as soon as they possibly can.”







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