Warragul McDonalds owner fined $65,000 after employee suffers third-degree burns

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 6.10.28 PM

Image from video surveillance showing Angela Buza’s horrifying fall.

Owner of the McDonalds restaurant in Warragul has been ordered to pay $65,000 following an accident that left a former employee with third degree burns.

Former employee, Angela Buza, slipped and fell on a large bucket of hot oil, in November 2013.

Surveillance video presented at the Latrobe Magistrates Court shows another worker decanting oil from a deep fryer into the bucket next to him.

As Ms Buza walks past him, she slips and her legs fly out from underneath her, before she lands on the ground.

Hot liquid then splashes all over Ms Buza’s arm and legs that results in third degree burns and several skin grafts being needed.

A victim impact statement read to the Latrobe Magistrates Court said Ms Buza still suffered anxiety attacks because of the accident.

“At times I still have nightmares of the incident”, Ms Buza said.

“The incident took away my independence as I became reliant on others.”

During yesterday’s sentencing, Magistrate Fiona Hayes said Ms Buza’s injuries would continue to have lasting physical, emotional and social impacts on her life.

The store’s owner, Wilbridge Securities, pleaded guilty to failure of supervision that was brought about by Worksafe.

The franchisee was ordered to pay a $45,000 fine with costs of $20,000 but no conviction was recorded.


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