Warragul Uniting Church opposes pound site

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Warragul Uniting Church opposes the building of a new animal pound at the depot as it would be “detrimental to their ceremonies”

Over 136 people have signed a petition initiated by the Warragul Uniting Church that objects to the building of a new animal pound at the Warragul council depot.  

Warragul Uniting Church tabled a petition at council last week that strongly opposes a new animal pound being established at the Normanby Street council depot, siting proximity reasons.

“We consider this option to be detrimental to the church, as it will be situated within 70 metres of the main entrance to our buildings”, a spokesperson from the Warragul Uniting Church said.

“This is of great concern as the entrance plays a pivotal role in the effective working of our church and the siting of this facility would adversely affect the solemnity of these ceremonies (weddings, funerals) and the tranquility that we have worked so hard to achieve for the benefit of the community.”

Baw Baw Shire has recently sought community feedback on a proposal to develop a new animal pound facility allocating $666,192. 

Council has shortlisted three potential sites including next to the current Galloway Street site, the council depot site in Normanby Street, Warragul and Lardner on land adjoining the council-owned transfer station.

The exisiting facility in Galloway street was built 25 years ago and reportedly is no longer complaint with the state government’s code of practice for the operation of shelters and pounds.

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