Broadbent pushes for electorate name change


Explorer Angus McMillian who Russell Broadbent’s seat is named after. McMillian partook in the mass murder of aborigines over 150 years ago

Member for McMillan Russell Broadbent wishes to change the name of his electorate from McMillian to Monash on the basis of ‘practical reconciliation.’  

Mr Broadbent wrote to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) on March 15 suggesting Monash as an appropriate alternative to McMillian.

Mr Broadbent’s seat of McMillian is currently named after explorer Angus McMillan, who opened up much of Gippsland but was also responsible for the massacre of local Indigenous people.

Sir John Monash developed the use of brown coal in the Latrobe Valley and was head of the State Electricity Commission of Victoria.

“Angus McMillan has a history that is well-documented”, Mr Broadbent said.

“His murder of our Indigenous people is well known and it’s time to recognise that his name is no longer an appropriate one for this electorate.”

“I think it’s very important we address issues like this when we get the opportunity to do it.”

In 2002, there was a push from reconciliation groups to change the name of the electorate but they were unsuccessful.

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