Health Minister meets with West Gippsland Healthcare Group


Health Minister Jill Hennessy met with representatives from the West Gippsland Healthcare Group to discuss the hospital’s service needs.

According to Ms Hennessy, the state government is well aware of the ‘growing needs for health services’ in the West Gippsland region.

Ms Hennessy said there was no doubt significant growth was occurring in West Gippsland and a health services plan had been undertaken to properly assess those needs.

However, the ALP did not commit funds towards a strategic plan for a new hospital during the last federal election campaign.

Ms Hennessy said Labor is now committed to a health services review to assess the needs of West Gippsland Healthcare in comparison to neighbouring services in Casey and Latrobe.

“This region has ambitions for a new hospital but we have some immediate issues to look at such as the emergency department, better patient throughput and the incredible number of births here.”

Ms Hennessy said the government had to ensure health services were in place for growing families and aged care.

Since the ALP’s 2014 election commitment to undertake the review, Member for Narracan Gary Blackwood has raised concerns about the reviews intent as it looked at the hospital in the context of services offered by other hospitals in the region.

Mr Blackwood told parliament the shire was continuing to grow and the outstanding delivery at the West Gippsland Hospital demonstrated investment in a new hospital would be funding well spent.



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