Bunyip CFA on look-out for firefighters


Bunyip CFA are aiming to recruit new volunteer firefighters

Bunyip CFA’s station is on the look out for some new firefighters due to a lack of availability from their most prominent members. 

Brigade lieutenant Simone Sharpe explains that out of 40 members listed in its books, half are active but only five are available during the day when fire safety is sorely needed.

“We can always do with more members our books demonstrate that”, Mr Sharpe said.

Lieutenant Sharpe moved from Berwick to Bunyip three years ago.

Mr Sharpe believes joining the CFA is a good way to make yourself known within the community and create new friendships.

“The CFA is a real family”.

“You’re pretty welcome wherever you go.”

On average, Bunyip volunteers respond to approximately 200 calls a year that encompass everything from house and bush fires to the traditional “cat up a tree” call.

“It is a commitment out of your working life and family life but you have the satisfaction of helping people who are having a very bad day”, Mr Sharpe said.

He says volunteers of all ages and abilities are needed to fulfil many different roles, not just fire-fighting but anything from logistics to catering.

Recently, the Bunyip CFA replaced their 20 year old firetruck with a brand new one with support and funding from the community.


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