Warragul man arrested twice during crime spree

A Warragul man has been remanded in custody at Yarragon police station after returning to retrieve a car he committed a series of offences in hours before. At 12:45 Friday morning, police intercepted an allegedly unregistered vehicle with false licence plates at Yarragon’s weightbridge.

Two men from Warragul were arrested at the scene for outstanding warrants before they were released on bail at 2:45am.

Two women were also in the vehicle at the time.

In a statement, Yarragon Police said the women rang a third woman to pick them up from the scene, who also arrived in an unregistered vehicle.

Following the first incident, a man and woman returned to the weightbridge to collect their vehicles at around 4:25am.

According to Yarragon Police, the two vehicles accelerated away before they had the chance to intercept.

However, police personnel were able to arrest the driver of one of the cars, a 17 year old female from Morwell.

She was charged with evading police and numerous other traffic offences.

The following morning, police again arrested the Warragul man who was charged with a slue of offences that include evading police, drug offences, outstanding warrants and the possession of stolen property.

The man remains at the Yarragon Police station.



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