Ellinbank Primary Cardboard sleep out to raise money for homelessness


Ellinbank Primary School students Alex Hickin and Mecedes Kallo will raise money for the Salvation Army in a unique way.

Two Ellinbank primary school students have decided to develop their own project, a cardboard sleep out, to raise funds for the Salvation Army’s Red Shield appeal in Warragul. 

Ellinbank primary students, Alex Hickin and Mecedes Kallo, say they are inspired to raise money for the Salvation Army after witnessing the hardship of families living on the streets in Melbourne.

Alex Hickin’s idea to have a cardboard box sleep out, in front of Ellinbank primary, has received full support from her teacher and the school council.

Ms Hickin said she hopes that the school’s 30 students and parents spend the night on Friday, May 27, sleeping in cardboard boxes to get an appreciation of how people survive on the streets.

Alex and Mecedes hope to raise $500-$1000 from the event and fund will be donated to the Salvation Army Red Shield appeal. 

Warragul’s Salvation Army’s Red Shield appeal will be held later this month and aims to generate over $30,000 the amount that was generated last year. 

Major Christine Waller of Warragul Salvation Army appeals for local volunteers to help with collections during the two-day appeal on Saturday and Sunday, May 28 and 29.



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