Tree crashes onto Drouin House after council assessment


Les Rhodes stands where a 30-metre high eucalypt tree stood on the nature strip in Lardner Rd, Drouin, before crashing down onto his neighbours house and front yard.

A Drouin family were in for a nasty surprise when a 30 metre high eucalyptus tree crashed onto their house during a storm early this month.

In January, the tree was reported as dangerous to Baw Baw Shire council but no action was taken to resolve the issue.

The fallen eucalypt tree damaged the house’s roof, guttering and eaves and smashed the front fence, along with several fruit trees in the front yard of the Lardner Road house.

Plans to sell the house have been put on hold with the real estate agency’s “for sale” sign crushed by the tree.

Tarpaulins held down by sandbags and laid across the damaged tiled roof by the SES are still in place.

Baw Baw shire Director of community assets Phil Cantillon said an inspection on February 10 following a complaint about dead branches dropping from the tree deemed no immediate action was required.

He said the tree was inspected again on February 19 and found to be in reasonably good health but proposed the minor removal of dead wood for the tree’s ongoing health and safety reasons.

Six weeks later the tree came crashing down onto the house.

The owners of the Lardner Road house are fine but shaken up by the event.


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