Community Safe Fund introduced to address crime Narracan

Local communities within the Narracan electorate are now eligible for grants up to $10,000 that aim to implement locally based crime prevention solutions. 

Under the Community Safe Fund, councils and non-for-profit organisations are able to deliver projects to help tackle crime, improve public safety and strengthen community engagement.

Member for Narracan, Gary Blackwood, said local organisations could help their communities benefit from the Community Safety Fund by establishing a local project in their area.

“Organisations can fund a wide range of projects through the Community Safety Fund including security equipment or infrastructure such as locks, alarms, fencing or gates as well as small-scale improvements or upgrades to public spaces including streetscapes, parks and reserves,’ Mr Blackwood said.

‘The Community Safety Fund also allows for education and awareness initiatives to be established by local community groups or councils to help prevent vehicle or personal property theft and prevent residential or retail burglaries.”

Mr Blackwood suggests that local residents need to place greater emphasis on crime prevention and are only able to improve the overall safety of their community if they work together.

“Crime prevention is the responsibility of all within our community and by working together we can continue to improve safety in our local communities.”

Victorian councils and community groups are eligible to apply for a Community Safety Fund until Friday 1 July.

Further information about the Community Safety Fund is available at



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