McMillian Greens candidate claims top ballot spot


Greens Candidate for McMillian Donna Lancaster outside the pre-polling area in Warragul.

Greens’ candidate Donna Lancaster has claimed the top spot on the ballot paper for the seat of McMillian in next month’s federal election. 

Ms Lancaster said the Greens will have a positive presence on election day (July 1).

Minor party candidates believe they will play a strong role in the outcome for McMillan while the ALP’s Mr Buckingham believes the electorate is ready for a change.

Incumbent Liberal MP Russell Broadbent was listed last out of the eight candidates on the ballot paper, with the ALP’s Chris Buckingham claiming the seventh spot.

Mr Broadbent was disappointed that he did not gain top spot on the card.

McMillian is a safe seat for the Coalition and has been held by Russell Broadbent since 2004.

The Liberals were able to achieve a 7.6 percent swing at the 2013 federal election that resulted in a margin of 11.8 percent.

Pre-polling for this year’s federal election begun yesterday.

McMillian Labor candidate Chris Buckingham and Greens candidate Donna Lancaster were spotted in Warragul speaking to residents and handing out how to vote cards, outside the polling area.


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