GWH urge women: “Stand Up and Be Counted!”


Gippsland Women’s Health advertisement takes inspiration from the Rosie the Riveter Recruitment Poster

Gippsland Women’s Health is hosting a free event to encourage women to stand as candidates in the 2016 Local Government Elections.

GWH’s event is one of several held across Gippsland and aims to provide women with information regarding how to go about standing for local council and what exactly is involved.

Only 34.9% elected councillors in Victoria are women.

Chief Executive Officer of Gippsland Women’s Health, Jodie Martin, hopes more women will stand for council.

“Running for local council is a great way for women to expand their sphere of influence on issues they care about as well as being a valuable learning experience as women’s participation in public life is increased”, Ms Martin said.

Ms Martin believes important issues concerning women are more likely to be addressed this way.

“Issues relating to the health, wellbeing and safety of women can be addressed at a local issues through women’s involvement in local government.”

At last year’s inaugural Connecting Women Across Gippsland conference, key note speaker Tracy Spicer identified the “imposter syndrome” as a key cause that prevents women running for council.

The imposter syndrome is a concept that involves women feeling they do not have the skills to run for office.

According to Ms Martin, women can rise to the challenge and end this myth.

“This is the year to bust that myth. Ordinary women can do this, we have leadership roles all around our community – kinder, schools, sporting groups, community groups, churches.”

“If you or someone you know is considering running for local council then we encourage you to come along and hear about opportunities for women in local government.”

Gippsland Women Health’s event will be held Thursday 30th June from 6:30 to 8pm at Moving Pictures Factory in Warragul.



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