Broadbent no show at ABC Radio Debate

Incumbent member for McMillian, Russell Broadbent, refused to appear at a scheduled political debate hosted by ABC Gippsland last week. 

ABC Gippsland aimed to pose questions to the Liberal, Labor and Greens candidates of McMillan regarding the electorate’s future.

However, the debate went ahead without Mr Broadbent present.

Labor candidate believes Russell Broadbent’s absence was a ‘boycott.’

“The sitting member (of McMillian) may be uncomfortable with the possible public scrutiny but he should respect the democratic process.”

“It a shame that McMillian voters weren’t offered the opportunity to hear from Mr Broadbent”, Mr Buckingham said.

“There is less than 9 sleeps to go and Mr Broadbent couldn’t find time for the radio debate with myself and Mr Buckingham to answer locals questions”, Ms Lancaster said.

Mr Broadbent has not responded to requests to comment on the reason for his absence nor Mr Buckingham and Ms Lancaster’s comments regarding the debate.

However, Mr Broadbent was present at a McMillan candidates forum at the Fish Creek Hotel.



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