Gippsland family rescued from flood waters

The father and daughter of the East Gippsland family Photo Credit: 9News

A family of six who were reported missing five days ago have been rescued after becoming bogged in flood waters.

The East Gippsland family went on a camping trip to the Avon Wilderness Park and set off from Bunyip in a white four wheel drive on Wednesday but failed to return.

However, their vehicle became trapped by flood waters north of Maffra and the family were unable to call for her due to a lack of mobile reception.

Luckily the father was able to climb his way to higher ground and notify police of their situation on Sunday.

Apparently the family was well prepared for “below freezing conditions” and had supplies to last them two weeks.

A police helicopter retrieved the family late on Sunday afternoon and flew them to an airfield at Bulldog Junction.

Local police, the air wing and SES members had scoured the East Gippsland region for the family after they were reported missing.

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